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Lamda Club
15 Lembesi street

Admission 10€ incl. booze

OUTRO introduces ROOM 101

“You asked me once, what was in Room 101. I told you that you knew the answer already.
Everyone knows it. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world.”

Outro have put together a wide variety of musical events and parties introducing the Greek audience to both homegrown and foreign music styles from autumn 2004. Covering a wide alternative musical spectrum Outro have worked with both young and established Greek artists and called on major and emerging international names.

For more than six years Outro have curated the music programming, produced and promoted all music events for Yoga Bala in Psirri. A small interlude from 2009 through 2010 found Outro collaborating with Bios presenting a series of events on a larger stage.

Over the years of events and collaborations Outro curated the Yoga Bala stage for Synch Festival in 2008, the “3 Velvet Days in Heaven” music stage during the 2nd Athens Biennale in 2009 and worked on prominent events alongside Θρι Σιξτι independent record store.

Outro have presented international artists such as Levon Vincent, Andrew Weatherall, Larry Heard aka Mr Fingers, Juan Atkins, Tako, Gerd Janson, Lovefingers & Lee Douglas, Tim Sweeney, Greg Wilson, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Horse Meat Disco, Alexander Robotnick, Alden Tyrell, Metro Area, House of House, Egyptian Lover, Prins Thomas, Maurice Fulton, I-f, Todd Terje, Daniel Wang, Pilooski, Cinnaman (Beat Dimensions), Rune Lindbaek, Richard Sen, Soft Rocks, Stevie Kotey, Beppe Loda, Aardvark and more.