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Hosted by BEARROR
BODJ (Metroline ltd, diaphan / GR)

Game and Performance


Lamda Club
15 Lembesi street


Mauricio Rebolledo, who was born and raised in Xalapa, Mexico, started Djing in 2002 and became quickly one of the residents of the legendary “Santanera”, in Playa Del Carmen, at the mexican caribbean. There he developed his very own style of playing, mixing old and new odd dancetracks, driven by a persistent groove of disco.

Feeling the necessity of links between tracks he used to play in the club, he started developing his own rough and edgy rhythms. Matias Aguayo, whom he had played with several times at  his night in the “Santanera” got interested in his material, helped him to develop it and to share it with people, who had a similar taste or motivation… later Rebolledo should become fundamental member of the label “Cómeme” , as a result of these friendships and efforts…

After having debuted on “Cómeme” with his underground club hit “pitaya frenesi”, he now has released his first solo 12″  – “GUERRERO”, also on comeme, and we should not forget his project appearance as “PACHANGA BOYS” together with Superpitcher, on the KOMPAKT TOTAL 10 compilation…



FACT Mix 166: Rebolledo by Fact Mix Archive on Mixcloud




The project began in San Francisco with Kieran Behan and Ashley Hayward joining forces having a burning desire to push the boundaries of decadent art. So they created the Crystal Mafia photobooth, which has grown over the past years to incorporate many avenues of creation. They have collected many talented female artists to encompass everything from performance art to set design and original costume production.



Bodj began to collect music at the age of 12 after being put on to rock & punk by friends who would kindly compile tapes for him.

By 15 he discovered a talent for the art of graffiti prompting him to begin collecting old school hip hop, disco and early electro. His passion for b-boy art forms eventually led him one step further and by 2000 Bodj began to play hip hop through house to a soulful style for friends at small venues around and about…

Early 2005 Bodj took classes in sound engineering and electronic music production at the SAE institute of technology, the same period saw an explosion of the tech-house scene in which he immersed himself fully. Influenced by his studies and a new breed of house/techno producers Bodj was driven to further develop his own skills and cement a style based around house & techno and their variable sub-genres…

Bodj’s impeccable mixing style and technique has made him one of the hottest Athenian djs for the time being,with appearances at respected Greek venues & festivals such as Entechno festival,European Music Day,Six Dogs,Loop just to name a few..Bodj is also releasing music in labels such as diaphan ,percusa , monique musique etc, with more new stuff coming soon …prepare hear more of him in the near future..


Admission 10€ incl. booze