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TROUBLE featuring Sean P (Tirk/Z/Cosmic Boogie)

TROUBLE are Alex Hobson and Costis Black Athena

“Trouble is the common denominator of living. It is the great equalizer.”


Yeah I’m thinking of a night with music from the 70s & 80s – disco, boogie, funk, early house, electro and all the leftfield stuff that was explored by people like Mancuso.

So you could play a jazz record, a gospel record, as well as a cosmic record, but these would be the “leftfield” records.

The core of the night would be “the FUNK”! YEAH definitely CLASSICS! At the core! You know what I’m trying to say.

A special night of vinyl and music loving and partying with no pretension. Do it on an irregular basis but make it SPECIAL each time!
And above all have fun with it. You know there’s so much beautiful party music out there…

Sean P (Tirk/Z/Cosmic Boogie)
The young Sean P‘s fascination with music started pre-school, when would he play his father’s records all day and listen to the radio. He was given his first 45 on his birthday in 1971, though it would be the late ’70s before he started buying records himself. It was the time of Two-Tone, Punk and Disco – and Sean took the urban ‘soul head’ route. Spurred by the big sounds of the day from Atmosfear, Azymuth, The Real Thing, Light Of The World and Hi Tension, he tuned in to the specialist Soul shows on the radio – and was soon buying so many records, he had to sneak them home to avoid the inevitable rebuke. Sean would later make tapes for friends and eventually discover record lists, ordering Soul, Funk and Jazz from mainly Northern Soul dealers on a weekly basis; and eventually travelling out of his native London to find obscure titles. Sean played his first gig in Wimbledon in 1986, then another shortly after at the ‘Cafe des Artistes’ in Fulham Road to an appreciative audience. Having been inspired by pirate radio, he made his debut on the airwaves with pal Dave Lee in 1987 and stayed with the station ’til its demise in 1990. By that time, he had also given up his button-down office job and took a post in a record shop – an intended stop gap, but he’s still in the same game today. He played exclusively Funk, Soul and Fusion when he DJed – but in the early 90’s started getting requests to play Disco. He could now also play the Prelude and West End-styled sounds that had been so important for him in the preceeding decade. By now, Sean was helping record labels and magazines by providing sleeve notes, cover copy and other source material for reissue projects and collectables features. Since the 80’s, he had also been experimenting around with tape edits – and decided to join a friend on a venture he christened Better Days Productions. In the meantime, he would assist long-time Disco ‘spotter Dave Lee again, co-compiling and annotating the popular ‘Disco Spectrum’ and ‘Disco, Not Disco’ series. Real Disco for real people.