Amateurboyz present Baris K (Minimüsikhol, Istanbul) Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

21.12.12 Amateurboyz present FFEEDD #3 w/ Baris K

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Baris K (Minimüsikhol, Istanbul)

This was a first! Inviting a dj for the second time. Our good friend and one of the most creative dj/producers around, Baris K spend a long night in Athens to celebrate with the boyz the 8 years of their existent.
A member of S.O.A.P. family. Key player at Istanbul”s legendary Gizli Bahce and Godet parties. Co-curator of the festival Anapop, online slots staging performances of 60″s-70″s Turkish Psychedelic bands. Producer of two obscure, slo-mo, afro, cosmic, disco, jazz and hiphop shows on Acik Radyo and Dinamo Fm. Creator of Eurasia Mixes, focuses deep into Turkey”s hidden psychedelic funk-disco-folk era, also featured on,, Co-founder of SOAP”s new projects, house and disco temple of Istanbul, Mini Muzikhol and experimental-traditional restaurant Datli Maya.