08.11.13 Amateurboyz present FFEEDD #8 w/ Soft Rocks (Piers Harrison) PIERS HARRISON of SOFT ROCKS (Esp Institute/ Brighton/ UK) Here you take a listen of a live mix recording from Piers Harrison (Soft Rocks). A Night to Remember!

Amateurboyz present Vags aka Vangelis Marinoglou and Kasseta Rec. Live Mix Recordings

For your earhole pleasure, here you have the opportunity to listen and download two mixes by Vangelis Marinoglou aka Vags and Kasseta Rec. recorded live on 14.07.13 at the “Sun Shower” party that took place by the pool of The Stanley Hotel. ENJOY YOUR LAZY SUMMER DAYS BY THE SEA! Kasseta Rec. Live Mix Recording download: right […]

Amateurboyz present Baris K (Minimüsikhol, Istanbul) Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

21.12.12 Amateurboyz present FFEEDD #3 w/ Baris K Baris K (Minimüsikhol, Istanbul) This was a first! Inviting a dj for the second time. Our good friend and one of the most creative dj/producers around, Baris K spend a long night in Athens to celebrate with the boyz the 8 years of their existent. A member […]

Amateurboyz present Chris Kontos (Plaidmusic, Kennedy magazine) Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

15.03.13. Amateurboyz present FFEEDD #6 w/ Chris Kontos Chris Kontos (Plaidmusic, Kennedy magazine) Chris Kontos is a photographer based living in Athens Greece. He has been collecting obscure records for some years now and has been mixing them together for many clubs around the world and has contributed mixes to many well respected blogs and sites. […]

Amateurboyz present Ilias Pitsios a.k.a. Dynamons (Echovolt Records, Into The Light) live mix recording at FFEEDD

Amateurboyz present Sean Johnston (ALFOS/Hardway Bros) Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

 18.01.12. FFEEDD #4 w/ Sean Johnston Live mix recording SEAN JOHNSTON (ALFOS / Hardway Bros)   Sean Johnston has been DJ’ing since his formative years in the frozen North. Acid House Veteran, Techno Survivor, Hardway Bros, Beard Scientist and Freelance Disco Consultant he has played at some of London’s landmark clubs including The Promised Land, […]

Amateurboyz present FRANCESCO DE NITTIS aka MR. TIES (HOMOPATIK, BERLIN) “phaser Αθηνα” Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

16.11.12. FFEEDD #2 w/ Mr. Ties Live mix recording MR. TIES (HOMOPATIK, BERLIN) he’s one of the best kept secrets of berlin, innovative and brilliant deep house, garage and techno old school miscellaneous dj and producer . From Italy since 2004 in Berlin, resident dj at ://about blank, one of the best club in town. […]

Amateurboyz present TIAGO (DFA, Hands Of Time / Lisbon) Live Mix Recording at FFEEDD

12.10.12. FFEEDD #1 w/ TIAGO Live mix recording TIAGO (DFA/HANDS OF TIME) Tiago has been playing 7-hour-sets almost every weekend for 12 years now at the infamous club Lux in Lisbon, Portugal. He his also involved in a great variety of projects working distinguish formats such as techno, house, chill out, dub, leftfield rock and […]