ENCORE 2008-2009

ENCORE was the second project party of Amateurboyz.

Each party invited different groups to play live and a special International Dj to
dance the nite away.

In ENCORE I  Eric Duncan, Dj-set (Rub’N’Tug, Still Going) and Yacht, Live (DFA) were invited and in ENCORE II
In flagranti, Live and Dj-set (CodeK). In ??CORE ??? we invited Gavin Russom with his
latest project, Black Meteoric Star, (DFA), for a live set, accompanied by special
lighting design, video proojections and other installations
by ASSUME VIVID ASTRO FOCUS. All nights continued with DJ set by Amateurboyz,
focusing on Balearic-punk, re-edits, electrodisco, proto-house and more.


19/12/08 @ BG club

with DR. DUNKS aka Eric Duncan (Rub’N’Tug, Still Going)  Dj-set
and Yacht Live
Booth Installation by Katerina Kana
Opening set by Paul Bennett

03/04/09 @ BG Club

For its Second edition, Encore present In flagranti Live and dj-set
The warm up set will be by Plaidmusic Crew
Add-it-up dancefloor installation Stathis Mitropoulos
Previous Booth installation By Katerina Kana

At Door special Guest DENA FARRAH the GUARD

Un nouVeau iDEal presents COBRA DENA FARAH at AMATEURbOYz ENCORE from UN NOUVEAU IDEAL on Vimeo.



07/10/09 @ BIOS

The third and last ENCORE has invited Black Meteoric Star aka Gavin Russom Live
and Assum Vivid Astro Focus (A.V.A.F.) – installation & visual show

Special Dancer Voin De Voin https://www.facebook.com/voin.devoin