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Creative duo Amateurboyz strike again with a new series of parties under the name “FFEEDD”.
Beginning on the 12th of October and every second friday of the month, “FFEEDD” will host the freshest international DJ’s beginning with Tiago (DFA/HANDS OF TIME) coming from Lisbon, Portugal bringing us amazing techno, house and disco sounds. In collaboration with the featuring guest Dj’s our own Amateurboyz will also be taking over the decks with uplifting spirits.
This time round Amateurboyz will be hosting dear friends, both first-time comers in Athens and also revisiting friends like BarisK from Istanbul on 21/12/12 celebrating together the end of the world!!
The line up will be announced shortly but be prepared for surprises.


“FFEEDD” your nights with chaos dance and paradox.


“FFEEDD”#1 @ Six Dogs


?mateurboyz present:
TIAGO (DFA, Hands Of Time / Lisbon)
warm up:
DYNAMONS(Echovolt, Into The Light)

Admission 4€


Tiago has been playing 7-hour-sets almost every weekend for 12 years now at the infamous club Lux in Lisbon, Portugal. He his also involved in a great variety of projects working distinguish formats such as techno, house, chill out, dub, leftfield rock and disco, releasing on labels such as Disco Devil, Ene Tokyo, Hands Of Time (Tiago), Rong Music, Eskimo (Slight Delay), Claremont 56, Internasjonal (Mendes & Alçada), Italians Do It Better (T&K), Esp Institute (The Sea Power & Change), Golf Channel (Gala Drop) etc.
His remixes, edits and productions have been praised and supported from Rub N Tug to Andrew Weatherall etc.

DYNAMONS (Echovolt, Into The Light)

Dynamons’ musical background can be found to old school hip hop, funk, punk and leftfield.
Now his dj sets are more focused on electronic music, trying to present a blend of obscure electronics, psychedelic disco, boogie, chicago house, detroit techno and beyond.
He also runs along with friends the record label Echovolt that is counting four releases to date from various producers all over the world.
Last but not least, Dynamons has compiled along with Tako (NL) a double vinyl compilation under the name ‘Into The Light: A Journey Into Greek Electronic Music, Classics & Rarities’ which will be available very soon.




???????????? ???????????:
six d.o.g.s
?????????? 6-8
T: +30 210 3210510


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