Diamond Vampires E.P.


Side A
1.Diamond Vampires – Friday Nights
2.Diamond Vampires – Lumiere
Side B
1.Diamond Vampires – Friday Nights ( Telephones remix )

Amateurboyz are expanding once more. With similar enthusiasm and excitement as previous years, the randomness in selection, DIY mood and personalized graphic aesthetic continues!!
This release is on 400 copies 12? record with black inner sleeve and matt finishing.
On this 12? we are introducing Diamond Vampires ( Essex U.K )
and Telephones (Norway).


The elusive Diamond Vampires only come out at night, bringing with them their slow BMP-ed disco, a hypnotic synthesized coda of pulses and low-end bass that makes time shift just a little bit. This is disco with a horror edge, an intricate weave of delicate baroque images seeped in the midnight realms of exploit-horror (think giallo films, early Romero, and Dario Argento faves Goblin). Elegant, evocative and atmospheric, their cinematic slices of sexually-charged disco, a soundtrack for when dusk falls, cut right to the bone.

Hailing from the obscure outskirts of Bergen, Norway, the 82-model Henning Severud has been producing music under his Telephones-moniker since 2006. His music and DJ-sets combine influences from disco, italo, new wave, house, kraut and punkfunk. Since 2001 he has been spinning records dozens of places in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim – earlier under the name DJ Dureves, including anything from jazz and funk to broken beat and house, whilst with Telephones he has taken a different direction. With a never-ending hunger for new impressions and a diverse taste for sonic pleasure, Henning has always had an eclectic approach to music, both in his own work and in his DJ-sets. However, after getting a bit bored with mostly groove-based music, he fell in love with melodies and the naive bittersweet, but yet joyful spirit of italo disco and electro. Then Telephones emerged – piloting the shuttle somewhere between cold European synthetics and warm analogue-, often tropical sounds. Being somewhat of a multiinstrumentalist, Henning plays anything from guitars, drums, synth and percussion in his productions.He has a couple of releases and remixes lined up – still, his only physical release so far is a super-rare and old split 10” with Annie from 2001, released by his friend and Bergen-based painter Silje Heggren as part of an art exhibition. In the coming months Telephones will release tracks on new Norwegian labels such as Untz Untz Records and Palermo.